Grooming Course

I am so excited that you are interested in joining the Grooming Course!

Course is taught online at your own pace and available immediately.  


>> NOTE: This course will be updated soon. I will be adding videos of full grooms on specific breeds, to be included as part of the course. Breeds and cuts will be listed as they are completed. 

>> You will get full access to course as is, PLUS all the additions to come!

>> The price will go up when those are included. So get it now!

**Because this is a digital course, there are NO refunds once purchased. BUT if you have any questions or aren't as successful as you want to be, email me at [email protected]

$97.00 USD

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By purchasing this course, I understand that I take full responsibility for the outcome of this course, and that any results are determined by my ability to follow and implement what I learn. I do not hold Katetrained LLC responsible for my ability to train my dog. I understand that all the material presented in this course is given as advice, and that as the owner of my pet, I take full responsibility for how I implement the advice given within this course. I acknowledge that if I have concerns regarding the health of my pet, it is my responsibility to contact a veterinarian, and not rely solely upon the information from this course.I understand that if I have questions pertaining to this course, I have been offered the ability and given the options on how to contact Katetrained LLC to have my questions resolved. Katetrained LLC maintains the right as the business owner and creator of this course to cancel your access to this course if deemed necessary. All legal matters concerning this course must first be rectified via contact to Katetrained LLC. If matters need to move further, a mediation must be the second course of action. By purchasing this course, I agree to the following (whether I read this or not) because I check marked the box. 

I understand that by purchasing and implementing this course, that I will not be trained to be a professional groomer.

I understand that this course is intended for personal use.

I release Katie and Katetrained LLC of any incidentals that may occur as a result of me learning these skills.  

I understand that I am responsible for the safety and well being of myself and my dog and do not hold Katie and/or Katetrained LLC for the lack of my responsibilities. 

Dental Care Masterclass 

Do you know you can help your pup avoid chronic disease by taking care of their mouth and teeth?

This class will teach you to care for your pups teeth because it's so much more than just having fresh breath.