1 Month to the Perfect Pup

You just got a puppy...now what??

Don't get overwhelmed or lost in the maze of all the good advice out there. Instead of looking at YouTube and Instagram and then back at Youtube...What you really need right now is one path to follow. 

Let me break it down for you. Successful training comes down to a few things:

  • Easy to implement tools
  • Simplicity
  • Consistency

I'm going to teach you the simple tools in simple ways...the consistency is up to you!

The first thing I always get asked about training is:


Truth is, training never ends. If you are interacting with your pup, you are training.

Ok, but time-wise, what type of a commitment are you looking at? You'll be able to teach your pup a new skill in just a few minutes. The videos in this course are short and simple. And, I want you to train at mealtime, which takes about 5 min twice a day. Can you commit to that? 

If we switch the conversation to how long until your dog is perfect...well that is going to depend on your consistency. The more consistent you are, the faster your pup will learn and get their "perfect" status. 

So... really all the foundation can be laid in a month. I've honed my system by doing it over and over again, one month at a time, with multiple breeds. With only slight variations for temperaments, these skills can be taught to any dog at any age. (btw people pay me $2k/month for this)

So that's why this is "1 Month to the Perfect Pup". If you can focus your efforts for 1 month, you'll have that perfect pup. 

"Ok Katie, but I'm not a trainer...do I just get access for 1 month?"

I know you can do this in a month, but I also know you'll need refreshers and support. So I'm giving you access to all course material for 6 MONTHS!!!!

So here's what you can expect to learn:

  • How to communicate with your pup. Surprise, they speak a different language than you do!
  • Engagement games to build a relationship based on mutual respect and patience
  • Videos of how to teach your pup the 7 basic & essential life skills: sit, down, touch a potty bell, place, recall, leash work & crate training
  • How and where to contain your pup to successfully potty train and minimize messes in your home
  • How nutrition plays a key role in your pups desire & ability to train

You'll get:

  • Immediate access to all course material through Kajabi (online or app)
  • Full access to course for 6 months from date of purchase
  • Worksheets & printable PDF's to keep you progressing

The course is presented via video through Kajabi. After making an account, you'll log in to the course, and watch each video in succession. Videos are short and simple. Print off the PDF's for additional support. 

Additionally, one on one support is available if you need it!

Read below to hear how others have used this course to train their pup and what they say. 

I'm here to cheer you on, and to support you! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Get started on training your PERFECT PUP today!!



 **Because this is a digital course, there are NO refunds once purchased. BUT if you have any questions or aren't as successful as you want to be, email me at [email protected]


"I'm 12 years old and just bought a puppy. I had no clue where to start & the breeder had already taught him bad habits. My mom saw Katie's program on IG so we bought it. It's been awesome! It was so easy for me to watch one of the videos and start working on that skill right away. When I found something he needed to work on I could just go right to that video and work on that. She explained why I was teaching each skill and made it easy to understand. My pup is doing great. He stays on his bed while we eat, we're working on going to his bed when the doorbell rings. He is an expert at sit and picking up stay really quick."

"I've been a dog owner my whole life so I wasn't sure if I would be able to learn a whole lot from her, but I was WRONG! Potty training my puppy has been so much easier! Her training videos are amazing and so worth the watch. She has something to teach everyone."

"Katie is a dog owner's best partner! I'm so glad I found her. Her techniques and wealth of information have been a huge help! I highly recommend her services to any dog owner!"

"We have used Katie to train both of our bernedoodles when we first got them. I can't recommend her enough. I tell every friend getting a puppy that it's a necessity. Having me, my husband and my kids all on the same page with training was so helpful. And when we implemented well what she told us, they trained so easily and well, saving us a lot of frustration through the puppy stage!"

"After we got our new puppy I had planned on hiring a trainer to come into our home. I heard about Kate's course and thought I would give it a shot first. I have loved being able to re watch the course and take notes as we practice each tool. I know my consistency in training will make all the difference. This course has given me the confidence I need to be successful in training my pup myself."

$97.00 USD

1 month of personal support $200

As confident as I am in your ability to do this course on your own, I get it that sometimes you just want some help. 

You'll get unlimited contact with me for the first month of the course, since that's where all the focus is. 

I will determine if text, voice or video is the most effective communication in response to your questions. 

Together we will get your pup trained!